The top 10 most popular questions fielded so far…

The first GeoWoodstock geocaching event was created by JoGPS, a geocacher from Tennessee, in 2003 to bring cachers from across the United States together. By 2006, it had become popular internationally and GeoWoodstock 4 was the first ever geocaching event to attain Mega-event status. GeoWoodstock 2018 was the first Giga-event held outside of Europe. Annually, it is the social event of the year and is the one place you know you’ll see friends from around the world.

The team behind GWXX is (L-R) f0t0m0m, ShareBear64, and foomanjoo. This photo was taken at GWXIX moments before Flagstaff was revealed as the host city of GeoWoodstock XX.

Giga-event status is awarded by Geocaching HQ at 3,000 Will Attend logs. It is solely in the hands of geocachers logging their intention to attend GWXX.

YES! The all-new GPS Adventures Maze will make its debut at GeoWoodstock XX! The Maze will be open Friday through Sunday, May 24-26, on GeoWoodstock weekend. More details to follow…

In addition to attending, there are numerous ways to support GWXX – donation, volunteerism, partnership, sponsorship – that are outlined on the Get Involved page.

Please note that donations for each initiative are separate. Think of each fundraiser as its own unique party and you’re invited to all!

Posting a Will Attend for GeoWoodstock XX and registering for GeoWoodstock XX are two different actions.

Posting your Will Attend is important to sponsors, vendors, and Geocaching HQ to make determinations about the event.

Registration directly informs the Host Team how many name tags to create, trackables to mint, t-shirts to print, and lunches to provide, as well as financially supporting GeoWoodstock XX.

Registration for GeoWoodstock XX opened on January 1 and will close on March 31 April 15. Levels of patronage start at $0 with much more information available at!

The Procedure to Promote a Proxy to Pick Up Purchased Packages will be implemented as we get closer to May.

Unfortunately pets are not allowed at the Mega-event venue but they may be able to attend some of the official side events. Please confirm the dog attribute on the individual event pages on the Geocaching website. Service animals are always welcome.

Yes, most of Arizona is hot in late May. However, Flagstaff sits at about 7,000 feet (2,100 m) of elevation, which keeps the temperature pleasant. Over the past decade, the average high temperature on May 25 was 68.5ºF/20.3ºC and the average low was 36.1ºF/2.3ºC. There will likely be a breeze but no rain as it has only rained once on May 25 during the past half century.

GeoWoodstock XXI will be announced at the close of GWXX. If you are interested in hosting a future GeoWoodstock, there’s a website for that! All proposals must be submitted by March 31, 2024 to be considered.